Friday, August 1, 2014

Living in Love

Own world...always :)

 How can I begin to explain a love so strong you cannot describe it in words...  Better I show you

When I look into the past before Jonathan, I was living and that is it. Going through the motions, trying to fit into a crowd that I just DID NOT fit into, trying to find my place in a place I don't belong. 
 My Friends, I have FOUND IT!
With my love by my side I have found my place. Divided by an entire country and he still found his way to me.

We have been together for nearly six years(married for three) and our love has never felt stronger. Cliche I know, but it feels as though we were literally made for each other, everything I hoped for and more. As far as children, notta but we have our reasons.  Maybe someday? But not now. We are way too stingy with our time together. 

Our love is honest, unbreakable, undeniable, and totally chaotic, but it's ours and we know we are lucky.

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